ICAR-IIWBR Mega University Karnal Hub

Director and Hub Coordinator
Overall in-charge of Academic Programme of ICAR-IARI Mega University, Karnal Hub
Contact No. 0184-2209101; Email: director.iiwbr@icar.gov.in

Dr Rajender Singh Khokar 
Academic Coordinator Nodal person of all academic activities of ICAR-IARI Mega University, Karnal Hub
Contact No.: 9466527643 Email:Rajender.singh2@icar.gov.in

Dr Ravindra Kumar
Academic Co-coordinator
Support in all academic activities of ICAR-IARI Mega University, Karnal Hub
Contact: 8053689793
Email: Ravindra.Kumar3@icar.gov.in


Dr Charan Singh
Academic Coordinator
UG To coordinate Under Graduate Programme
Contact No.: 9215813830 
Email: Charan.Singh1@icar.gov.in
Discipline In-charges
(To deliver the duties of professors of the divisions at ICAR-IARI, New Delhi under  ICAR-IARI Mega University, Karnal Hub for M.Sc. And Ph.D. courses )
Dr Sewa Ram
DI: Plant Physiology
Contact No. 9416236739
Email: Sewa.Ram@icar.gov.in
Dr Sindhu Sareen
DI: Genetics & Plant Breeding
Contact No. 9416911261
Email: Sindhu.Sareen@icar.gov.in
Dr Pradeep Sharma
DI: Plant Pathology
Contact No. 9416613099
Email: Pradeep.Sharma@icar.gov.in
Dr A.K. Rai
DI: Soil Science
Contact No.:8814878225
Email: AK.Rai@icar.gov.in

Dr R.S.Chhokar
DI: Agronomy
Contact: 9416296262
Email: rajender.chhokar@icar.gov.in

For any pre-admission query please contact: helpdeskadmission2023@gmail.com

Facilities Available


Research Farm
Hostel Facility
Playground and Sports
Yoga Classes
Smart Classroom
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