Social Science

Thrust Areas

  • Evaluation, transfer and impact assessment of wheat and barley production technologies
  • Technology transfer to farmers (lab to land) through various extension methods including FLDs and upscaling
  • Organizing workshops, seminars, farmers’ day, field days etc. for awareness creation.
  • Studies on constraints in technology adoption and adaptation strategies for climate smart farming.
  • Bridging the yield and knowledge gaps
  • Entrepreneurship and skilling with special emphasis for women in household product making.
  • Knowledge empowerment of stakeholders.
  • Sending farm advisories to different stakeholders through multiple platforms
  • Publication of literature in local languages for the benefit of stakeholders

Ongoing Research

  • Determinants of wheat yield in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Diagnosis of zero tillage based rice- wheat system in Haryana
  • Identifying yield gaps, resource use and adaptation strategies in vulnerable regions of wheat and barley production against climate change
  • Tracking wheat yield sensitivity to weather variability across Indian transect for climate smart farming
  • Tribal-Sub-Plan (TSP) project on “Improving the socio-economic condition and livelihood of tribes in India through extension education and development programmes”

Facilities Available

  1. Well-equipped farmers training centre.
  2. Dr. Subrahmanium Nagarajan Communication Hall
  3. Dr. V.S. Mathur Hall
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