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Wheat Research Bulletin

Compendium of Wheat Varieties Notified in India During 2018-2023

Micro Irrigation – Efficient Utilization of Water Resources for Sustainable Crop Production

Conservation Agriculture for Climate Resilience & Sustainability of Wheat based Systems

Barley Varieties and Genetic Stocks – A Compendium

Fixed, Random and Rank based non parametric measures to estimate GxE interactions in coordinated Barley Trials

Wheat Germplasm Catalogue-VIII

Simultaneous use of AMMI & yield for stability assessment of wheat genotypes evaluated under coordinated system

Field Guide for Identification of Aegilops species at ICAR-IIWBR

Analytic measures of adaptability based on BLUP & BLUE of wheat genotypes under coordinated system

BLUP of Wheat Genotypes under Coordinated System – Zone Wise Analysis

Impact of Wheat Frontline Demonstrations in India – A Decade of Experience

Doubling Farmers Income by 2022

Barley Varieties and Genetic Stocks at a Glance

GxE interaction study of coordinated barley trials by Non parametric measures

Barley Morphological Characterization of Cultivars

Wheat A guide on special features of varieties for different production conditions in India

An update on wheat stripe rust management in India A success story

Wheat Germplasm Catalogue-VII

GGE Biplot Analysis for Coordinated Trials Barley

Wheat Germplasm Catalogue-VI

Wheat Germplasm Catalogue-V

Characterization of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) varieties for distinctiveness, uniformity & stability

Barley cultivars released in India – Names, parentages, origins & adaptations

Decision Support System for Wheat Yellow Rust Disease

Quality of Indian Wheat

Wheat Cultivation in India Pocket Guide

Barley Cultivation in India Pocket Guide

Improved Agricultural Technologies for Lahaul Spiti

Barley Genetic stocks at a glance

Quality Seed Production of Wheat in NEPZ

Drip Irrigation System-A Boon for Farmers

Package of practices for increasing wheat production in India during Rabi 1979-80

Strategies for wheat production in different regions during 1987-88

Technology for Increasing Wheat Production in India

Technology for Increasing Wheat Production in India 1989-90

Wheat Package of practices for increasing production 1984

Wheat Production Technology 1991

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